Industrial Town location

13 Sep ,2022
Industrial Town location


Industrial town location software

Information kiosks in different parts of cities around the world with the letter (I) which is the beginning of the word "Information" are installed in public open spaces so that people can get the necessary information about what they need to explore that city.

There are many people who go to Shiraz industrial town every day and are not accompanied by tours. These people needed to have the accurate and correct information from every point they enter this town for a better and more appropriate location. In situations where this information is not available through the Internet or other sources, these information kiosks become people's companions and guides. Web information kiosks provide useful information to people with the ability to provide information, promotion, interaction, transaction, and intelligent relationships with users.

But Shiraz Industrial Town, as one of the industrial destinations that attracts workers and employers with different interests, has not performed well in the field of information and location. Meanwhile, with the positive events that have happened in the field of industry, the enthusiasm and entry of artisans have increased more than before, and that is why responding to their demands becomes more important than before. It should be considered that these artisans are the best missionaries, and the better their travel experience to Shiraz Industrial Town and the better facilities they have, the better the impression will be on their minds.

Therefore, in 2019, Galaxy Electronics Company prepared and produced web kiosk software for Shiraz Industrial Town to meet the location needs of people. This system is now accessible to the public at

Among the facilities available in this system, the following can be mentioned:

• Searching for places with different titles such as company name 2- brand name 3- the name of the real owner (the main owner) or CEO 4- plot and book and address field

• Displaying information about the searched location on the map along with routing from the main squares of the industrial town

• The possibility of hearing the address of a place for the user

• Possibility to print the address and map of the place for the user

• The possibility of sending the address and location of a place via SMS to the user's mobile phone