13 Dec ,2022
Different Versions of Angio Tabib Simulator


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Version 1

In this version, the robotic model of the angiography machine is placed, the entire control panel is placed in a tablet, the injection was done with a button on the tablet, the system did not have a wire and only had a catheter, and the system also did not have a pedal, and in fact, continuously It was radiation. The whole simulator was running on one monitor.

Version 2

Changes compared to version 1: Converting the virtual panel on the tablet to a real control panel with low quality. Convert one monitor to three monitors

Version 3

Changes compared to version 2: Having a wooden structure, making a control panel with better quality and professional joysticks, increasing the quality Software, addition of real syringe injection

Version 4

Changes compared to version 3: having a metal structure, wire detector version 1, fully professional control panel, adding navigator software and touch monitor to the system

Version 5

Changes compared to version 4: wire guide detector 2, structure version 2, simulation software upgrade

Version 5.5

Changes compared to version 5: catheter and wire detector version 3, navigation software version 2