About us


Electronic Galaxy Company


I, Syed Mohammad Reza Tabib Mansouri, was looking for the implementation of my creative ideas, so I partnered with my friend. And in my friend's empty apartment, which was located in one of the worst places in the city, we started the company with my management to be able to solve the problems that existed in society with new technologies and amazing solutions. 

We believed that we can move mountains with our perseverance and talent. With a great alliance and with all our strength, we pursued our dreams, which led us to lead projects in Iran for the first time in many fields, such as game development, software, mechatronic devices, and medical training simulators, and patented them.

The first project of Galaxy Electronics Company in 2006 was the production of a trilingual system for one of the visitors of religious places in Iran. And after that, we produced the first computer game in the south of the country called Robot City, a serious game type. This game caused our collection to become the second producer of educational games in the country. Also, the software department succeeded in producing various software under Windows, web, and mobile.

 After that, in accordance with the country's need for medical educational simulations and the inability to supply these products from foreign countries due to Iran's embargo, and according to our successful experiences and high level of knowledge, the production of medical educational simulators was put on the agenda And then we produced the country's first medical training simulator, "Radiotherapy Training Simulator" in 2012, which was unveiled by the Minister of Health After that, various simulators were produced by our company, which are currently being used in many hospitals in the country. Another success of this company in 2014 is the production of a robotic pharmacy as well as a medicinal liquid distribution system, which has met the needs of many medical centers in the country for this product.

In general, this company consists of 4 different departments, which include the software department, the computer games production department, the medical training simulator production department, and the mechatronic devices production department.

This company intends to expand its activities in different countries, therefore, interested parties in different countries are invited to contact us to invest and receive relevant business plans.