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13 Sep ,2022
veterinary Exams


Comprehensive system of pre-clinic examination

The comprehensive pre-clinic exam is a general exam for veterinary doctorate students. And its purpose is to improve the scientific and educational quality of this course and to create and maintain quality standards and indicators of veterinary education. Participation in the comprehensive pre-clinic exam is mandatory for all students of general veterinary medicine doctorate (free and nationwide university) and without passing this exam, it will not be possible for students of this field to continue their professional doctorate studies. This test was held in the form of four options and has not had a negative score so far.

The comprehensive exam is conducted twice a year, after the end of the pre-clinic stage and before entering the clinic stage, from the pre-clinic courses according to the program of the General Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course.

The questions of the comprehensive exam are preferably four options.

Each student can participate in the comprehensive exam a maximum of three times during the allowed period of study, and if they fail, they will not be allowed to continue their studies in the general veterinary doctorate.

Considering the mentioned conditions and the importance of this exam for continuing the education of veterinary students and the lack of necessary platform in this project, it has been tried to provide a suitable platform for the interaction of veterinary students as much as possible by relying on the electronic education industry. So that people can use this system regardless of time and place to meet their educational needs. This system will prepare students to participate in the comprehensive pre-clinic exam. In this system, students will get to know the sample questions of real exams and will experience conditions similar to the real exam. Students can test themselves many times in this system without worrying about studying in the university.

This system is now accessible to the public at




  • Providing a suitable platform for testing the scientific ability of veterinary students
  •  Calculate the test score according to the main test
  •  Receive the report card of participating in the system exam after the end of the exam
  •  It is possible to compare the individual's report card with the first person who scored in the exam
  •  It is possible to compare one's report card with the total average of all test sections
  •  Access to the keys of the tests after the end of the test
  •  Introduction of the best candidates of the exam to university and all the participants in the system Providing the best study program to veterinary students Creating a bank of test questions for the field of veterinary medicine and categorizing questions based on the degree of difficulty of the questions Creating a bank of comprehensive tests for veterinary students 
  • The system's real-time communication with test participants through SMS and e-mail